For more than 50 years, Bruce Nesbitt has had a passion for racing—and winning. As a successful inventor and professional IMSA, Grand Am and SCCA race winner, Bruce recognized an ongoing struggle that drivers face with car control and believed that there was a smarter way to maintain proper braking bias. He thought, if every race car has a tachometer monitoring the engine, why not have a smart gauge to monitor brake settings?

Bruce continued to be frustrated with the races he was winning and then turned his “dumb” brake knob the wrong way—or the cables didn’t have enough strength—and he lost speed, grip and the leading position. And he saw the same thing happen time and time again with other racers experiencing slide-outs, spin-outs and loss of forward motion—all due to brake bias adjustment errors.

Using his extensive racing and engineering experience, Bruce was determined to take the guessing out of adjusting brake balance. He set out to find a solution for a few key challenges that are critical to racing performance:

  • Ability to accurately know where the brake bias is set at any time
  • Confidently knowing which way to turn the knob for proper adjustments
  • Reliable feedback on how much the balance between the front and back brakes have changed with each move
  • Ability to see settings in clear view to help with data acquisition
  • Better control of adjustments while driving at high speeds
  • Greater ability to use brakes optimally to extract the most speed from a car

The Next Generation of Brake Bias Control

Bruce was determined to find a smart new way to help race car drivers get instant knowledge of where the brake bias is set, with optimum adjustment capability for:

  • Changing track conditions due to weather or wear
  • Changing weight balance, fuel loads or tire wear
  • Various driving situations during a race
  • Predictable rotation of the car using the brakes

After more than five years of research, development and testing, the BrakeOMeter® was created. It is the only brake bias adjuster with a U.S. Patent, and now offers race car drivers precise and reliable information of the ratio of balance between the front and rear brakes—with clear, visible numbers on the driver-facing dial.

The BrakeOMeter® is the most advanced numerical braking control system ever invented—and its patented technology is revolutionizing racing today.

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“BrakeOMeter® is absolutely essential for any serious racer at any level.” ~ Dan Binks

Author of “Making It Faster” and Crew Chief for Corvette Racing, Six-time Winner at Le Mans